Villa Marigola in Venere Azzurra

Explore the Golfo dei Poeti ( Poet's Gulf )

Villa Marigola is a tucked away treasure among the emerald woods , on a panoramic promontory between San Terenzo and Venere Azzurra.

Lerici, Villa Marigola, Liguria Ville Pictures Villa Marigola

The entrance to the villa is a bit inconspicous so just keep your eyes open for the iron gate on via S. Biaggini just after the Colombo Beach Club walking the “Castle to Castle” route from San Terenzo towards Lerici .

Lerici, Villa Marigola, Liguria Ville Pictures Villa Marigola

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Once inside the villa grounds , you can take the charming pedestrian path among the woods going up. Otherwise there is a road which winds around towards the villa.

Lerici, Villa Marigola, Liguria Ville Pictures The entrance to the building of the Villa

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The origin of the villa dates to the eighteenth century when it was used as the holiday home of the Marquis Ollandini. At the time the house had a large terrace and charming grounds filled with citrus trees as well as olive groves and vinetards streching all around.

Lerici, Villa Marigola, Liguria Ville Pictures There are many small details around the Villa to admire

In the nineteenth century, the grounds underwent modernisation where their Mediterranean look gave way to the style of English gardens where many flower beds and small picturesque paths were created.

Lerici, Villa Marigola, Liguria Ville PicturesThe Villa's arched architecture facing the garden 

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The villa and its beauty has always been a sought after residence and many illustrious figures have stayed during the ages. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the villa became ownership of the Sarzanese family of Magni Griffi and later it passed on to the English nobles Pearce, who, at the beginning of the century, hosted the Empress of Germany, the Royal Princess Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria of England, widow of Emperor Frederick III and mother of William II.

Lerici, Villa Marigola Garden, Liguria Ville Pictures The Villa's garden grounds

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At the beginning of the century, the writer Sem Benelli was also a guest of Villa Marigola. He lived in the tower adjacent to the villa and worked by drawing inspiration from the surrounding quiet environment and nature. It is here that he wrote his work Cena delle Beffe.

San Terenzo, Villa Marigola Tower, Liguria Ville Pictures The adjacent tower

Today's building and garden grounds are dating back to 1926, when the garden was renovated following the techniques and charm of the Italian-style gardens and is the only one of its kind in the province. It is so easy to get enchanted by its views over the Bay of Lerici and the beauty of its luscious gardens, that visiting the villa today makes for an unforgettable experience.

Lerici, Villa Marigola Panorama over Lerici, Liguria Ville Pictures The Villa's views over the Bay of Lerici

Lerici, Villa Marigola Italian-style garden, Liguria Ville Pictures The Villa's enchanting gardens

The Villa Marigola is currently owned by Cassa di Risparmio della Spezia Bank and is used for conferences and cultural events. Part of its park is also home to a golf club known nationally. During this summer, for example you can enjoy “Musical Tuesdays” on the grounds of the villa. But the villa can also be rented for wedding celebrations and other special events. And what a magnificent background for that special event it will be !

Lerici, Villa Marigola Panoramic Views Over San Terenzo, Liguria Ville Pictures You can enjoy fantastic views over the Bay of San Terenzo

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Villa Marigola

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