Val di Magra

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The Val di Magra ( Magra Valley) is a beautiful valley in the province of La Spezia. As you might guess it takes its name from the Magra river which runs through it and incorporates the historical towns around its basin all the way to the Liguria border with Tuscany at Massa Carrara.

Map of Val di Magra Liguria Italy

Nature lovers get attracted to the area as most of its territory is part of the Montemarcello-Magra Park and offers the chance to enjoy unspoiled scenery, clean lakes and rivers, spectacular hiking along the extensive footpaths of the park and of course breathtaking views over the ever present sea. Here you can engage is various sport activities from hiking to sailing to fishing or just simply relaxing in the open air.

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Some of the terrotory of Val di Magra is part of the Lunigiana region belonging in part to Liguria and in part to Tuscani and has a rich and ancient history with its own cultural identity. Ancient castles, interesting museums and exciting cultural events can be enjoyed in each of the medieval towns in this area:

Discover the charming places of Magra Valley

Liguria Riviera Italy - Arcola Val Di Magra

Arcola is a small, charming town with ancient history , perched on top of the hills separating the Gulf of La Spezia and the Magra valley offering stunning panoramas of the Apuane Alps and so much more...

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Liguria Riviera Italy - Montemarcello Val di Magra

Montemarcello sits on top of the Caprione promontory, nestled among green olive groves, pine trees and Mediterranean maquis. It is the gateway to the National Park of Montemarcello-Magra and offers breath-taking panoramas stretching from the Gulf of Poets in the west to the east over the Magra valley all the way to the coast of Versilia. No wonder it was elected in 2007 among The 100 Most Beautiful Villages in Italy...

Liguria Riviera Italy - Sarzana Val di Magra

The ancient town of Sarzana is the most important center in the Val di Magra from a historical and cultural prospective. Here you are sure to enjoy beautiful scenery, historic sites and fortresses, magnificent churches and cathedrals and fascinating festivals and exhibitions. The town is famous for its antique shops and many antique furniture restoration workshops. It also hosts the famous antique open air market “Soffitta nella Strada”.

Liguria Riviera Italy - Castelnuovo Magra Val di Magra

The ancient town of Castelnuovo Magra is located in on a hilltop and makes it an ideal place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Val di Magra. Even though it is a small town, it has a rich history, during which it has been the center of power of the domain of the Bishop of Luni, and been visited by Dante Alighieri, who came to this town to end a dispute between two rival bishops in the year 1306. Nowadays it also houses the regional Enoteca Pubblica wine information center where you can taste and buy the wines of thirty growers from the province of La Spezia plus those of about 130 others from the rest of Liguria including both the eastern and western Rivieras.

Val di Magra

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