Travel to Liguria by Car

It you are planning to travel to Liguria by car, you will find that there are very good motorway links to the main cities in Liguria making exploring this enchanting region a very pleasant and easy experience. Whether you plan to travel in your own car or you opt for car hire the below travel information will be of use to you...

Main motorways leading to Liguria

A15 : Connecting Parma - La Spezia

A10 (E80) : Autostrada dei Fiori - Connecting Ventimiglia - Savona - Genova

A12 (E80) : Connecting Genova - Livorno

A7 (E25) : Connecting Milano - Genova

A6 (E717) : Connecting Torino - Savona

A26 : Connecting Genova Voltri - Gravellona Toce

  • Named the Autostrada dei Trafori (the Motorway of the Tunnels) after the numerous tunnels through which it passes. For more information, click here

However, if you are not in a hurry and would like to enjoy the magic of the Liguria scenery, then take the main road SS1 - Aurelia. It is a scenic road that covers all of Liguria from Ventimiglia to La Spezia to Pisa.

Travel to Liguria by Car: Maps & Driving Directions in Italy

When planning your travel to Liguria by car, we find the the AA maps of Michelin invaluable. The Michelin maps not only display driving directions based on the route options you select – quickest or shortest or most economical, but will also give you further details such as the distance in kilometres, the average time the route will take you as well as estimated toll charges:

Michelin Pisa Cinque terre Michelin driving directions from Pisa to Riomaggiore.

Their maps have lots of information and are very handy indeed !

An alternative source for Maps and Driving Directions is Google Maps. It offers far more than a road map with a scale and a legend and has become a hub of information on any destination! Look at our detailed Cinque Terre Map .

Italy Driving Distances between the major cities

For your convenience, we have summarised the driving distances between the major cities in Italy . Note that the distances are indicated in kilometres, however you can convert them into miles by using the calculator beneath.

  Genoa Florence Venice Milan Turin Parma Naples Rome Bologna Perugia
Genoa    256  398  141  170  206  712  524  302  389
Florence  256    274  317  418  202  474  285  128  150
Venice  398  274    275  405  248  732  543  156  387
Milan  141  317  275    142  125  774  585  219  451
Turin  170  418  405  142    243  871  682  338  547
Parma  206  202  248  125  243    659  470  105  335
Naples  712  474  732  774  871  659    230  586  372
Rome  524  285  543  585  682  470  230    397  184
Bologna  302  128  156  219  338  105  586  397    245
Perugia  389  150  387  451  547  335  372  184  245  

Convert Italy driving distances from Kilometers to Miles:

Convert Kilometers to Miles
 Type in Kilometers  

 Distance in Miles = 

Italy Driving Times between the major cities

  Genoa Florence Venice Milan Turin Parma Naples Rome Bologna Perugia
Genoa    2h50m  4h26m  1h37m  1h57m  2h08m  6h45m  5h15m  3h04m  4h06m
Florence  2h50m    3h25m  3h13m  4h28m  2h08m  4h23m  2h53m  1h36m  1h44m
Venice  4h26m  3h25m    3h28m  4h34m  3h04m  7h24m  5h54m  2h17m  4h47m
Milan  1h37m  3h13m  3h28m    1h44m  1h28m  7h10m  5h40m  2h20m  4h31m
Turin  1h57m  4h28m  4h34m  1h44m    2h30m  8h25m  6h55m  3h27m  5h46m
Parma  2h08m  2h08m  3h04m  1h28m  2h30m    6h05m  4h34m  1h14m  3h25m
Naples  4h45m  4h23m  7h24m  7h10m  8h25m  6h05m    2h26m  5h30m  3h47m
Rome  5h15m  2h53m  5h54m  5h40m  6h55m  4h34m  2h26m    4h00m  2h15m
Bologna  3h04m  1h36m  2h20m  2h18m  3h27m  1h14m  5h30m  4h00m    2h51m
Perugia  4h06m  1h44m  4h47m  4h31m  5h46m  3h25m  3h47m  2h15m  2h51m  

Travel to Liguria by Car: Road Repairs

If you need a repair whilst in Liguria, there are car dealers in most towns ie: Ford, Fiat, BMW etc. Most local garages supply a very good service as well. Most of them also have body work facilities for repairs to bumps and scrapes. However, for extra piece of mind, we recommend you get an European Breakdown cover like the one provided by the AA  which offers emergency European roadside assistance and repair, as well as alternative transport and accommodation if needed.

If you are planning to travel to Liguria in your own car, then we recommend you check the AA website  as it offers extensive information and driving advice for Europe, including information on tolls and a ferry planner routes.

Car Hire Liguria

For all country located properties, a car hire is essential  to travel to and from the property as well as to explore the region. All airports in Liguria  offer car hire services. Check out our Car Hire Italy  page for advice and tips on hiring a car in Italy .

Driving in Italy  - the Must-Know Facts

To ensure that you have a worry-free driving while on your holiday, it is imperative that you get acquainted with the Italian driving laws and etiquette. To help you in that, we have summarised the important points for you in our Driving in Italy section.

Travel to Liguria by Car: And last but not least...

When you travel to Liguria by car, there are a couple of additional things to think about in advance for your trip to ensure a pleasant and worry-free holiday :

  • Road conditions : Whether you are travelling to or around Liguria by car , it is always a good idea to keep up to date on the latest road works/accidents, and avoid being stuck in queues. For real-time information including traffic webcams check "Autostrade" website - the company that manages the Italian motorway network.

  • Travel Weather : Check the weather before you leave, in winter make sure you've got snow chains if you are planning on going up into the mountains. Our Liguria Weather Sectionoffers latest Liguria weather info as well as check out the dedicated sections on Cinque Terre Weather and Portofino Weather .

  • Travel Fun : Do not underestimate the power of travel entertainment when travelling with kids. You will find plenty of suggestions for Travel Games which should keep the little ones amused for a few minutes.

Travel to Liguria by Car

Thank you for visiting our guide… we look forward to welcoming you to Liguria and hope you will love it as much as we do ! Signiture

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