Tipping in Italy

So how does the tipping in Italy work – it is pretty straight forward really – you tip IF  you like the place, the food and the service. It is generally up to you to decide whether you would like to leave a tip at the end of your meal and it is not frowned upon if you decide not to. Generally, you will just round up the bill leaving a few Euros as a tip.

If however, you have received an outstanding service and have eaten an amazing meal, you may leave 10% of your overall bill as a tip. Just remember to leave it as cash, even if you were paying by a card. As a standard tips in Italy are left on the table.

Some restaurants apply a service charge or 'servizio' in Italian which is around 10-15% of your total bill and can appear in one of two ways on final bill. It will be either build into the menu prices and the menu will say servizio incluso. Or it will appear as a separate item line at the end of your bill. In this case, the menu will say servizio non incluso and the listed prices will not include any service charges. 

Tipping cab drivers in Italy is unusual, but if they were exceptionally helpful you may leave a €1 or €2. 

Tipping hotel porters is appreciated if they have carried your luggage and were friendly. Same goes for the hotel concierge if he/she is helpful in making your stay
easier or more pleasant. 

And lastly, ALWAYS remember to take your receipt or “scontrino”, even if you just bought an ice-cream and paid for it in cash. It is the law in Italy and you may be stopped by police just after leaving the premises and be asked to prove that
you have paid for it.

Tipping in Italy

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