Sep 24-25, 2011 - Enjoy two days of free entry to a number of national heritage sites


September 24th and 25th mark the return of the European Heritage Days, which will again give free access to a large number of places of cultural interest throughout Italy and celebrate the history and beauty of the country.

There are numerous initiatives to mark the occasion in the provinces of La Spezia, throughout its Gulf, and Val di Magra:

La Spezia. The Lia Museum will offer two separate initiatives:

- Saturday, September 24 at 4pm will hold in the museum a treasure hunt for children - a fun opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of discovering mysteries and satisfying their curiosities.

- Sunday, September 25 at 11am will be a free guided tour following the theme “Codici miniati e corali. L’arte della miniatura tra Italia ed Europa”.

Portovenere - On September 24th at 11am there will be a guided tour of the Villa Romana del Varignano , the old archaeological site.

Ameglia - The extraordinary Roman Villa in Bocca di Magra opens its gates - September 24th and 25th from 4pm to 6pm.

Castelnuovo Magra - Guided tours at the Museum "Il presente della memoria" and at Centro Accoglienza di Cà Lunae, located in an ancient rural complex dating from the mid eighteenth century. Besides the Museum, which displays objects on the material culture of wine and video testimonies of those who lived the experience of participating in various stages of wine production, you can see a tasting room, wine cellar and liquor cellar (September 24th and 25th from 9am to 1pm and from 2:30om to 7:30pm).

Ortonovo - A meeting: "Europe's treasure - Italy: tips and notes", with speaker Professor Peter Lazagna (September 24th at 10am).

Luni At the archeological site and museum complex there will be a projection of the documentary film "A commonplace. The look of immigrants and foreigners in the province of La Spezia" Directed by D. and T. Garbini. (September 24th at 9pm).

The next day will be staged "Edipo Re" by the company's Initiate Athanor Theatre and directed by A. Tonelli (September 25th at 6pm).

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