Rihanna and friends enjoy the charm
of Portofino Italy

Celebs in Liguria

Continuing her summer holidays from South of France , Rihanna headed out for Italy on board of a hired yatch... As with many other celebrities, she and her friends could not resist the charm and beauty of the coast of Portofino. On August 24th, 2011 the happy group were spotted having some fun in the water and enjoying snorkelling in the clear blue waters near the coast of Portofino.

Rihanna Snorkelling Portofino ItalyRihanna prepares for a bit of snorkelling near the coast of Portofino, Italy

Rihanna Snorkelling Portofino Italy

Next day, Aug 25th 2011, Rihanna arrives in the picturesque harbor of Portofino aboard her impressive yacht and like all tourists heads out with her friends to enjoy a stroll around the charming village.

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyRihanna takes a private boat ride from her yatch to the village of Portofino, Italy

And of course no sightseeing is comlete without a taste of an italian icecream. Rihanna stops at gelateria San Giorgio and takes the tourists in the shop by complete surprise. We hear she went for the Stracciatella flavour of icecream but did not leave the best of impressions when she jumped the queue...

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyStrolling the streets of Portofino, Italy

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyAnd taking some vacation photos...

And while the town of Portofino itself is rather small, it still offers a great choice of shops from the expensive boutiques to the cheap souvenir shops as well as lots of restaurants, cafes, and luxury hotels to relax in. Rihanna could not resist a spot of retail therapy either and visited some of the exclusive boutiques...

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyThere are lots of luxury boutiques and shops to browse over in Portofino, Italy

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyRihanna in Portofino Italy shopping for bags in LV shop

Tired from the retail therapy, Rihanna and her friends stop to recharge with lunch at Bar Chuflay ...

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyRihanna and friends stop for a spot of lunch in Portofino, Italy

Later that night, Rihanna was looking fabulous when along with her friends she came out for a night out in Portofino. They visited the jewelry boutiques and the exhibited art along the main street, ending at the beautiful gallery Tornabuoni which exhibits paintings of great artists such as Lucio Fontana and Giorgio Morandi. After continuing her stroll and signing autographs to her fans, Rihanna and her party went back to her yacht and headed out for Sardenia.

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyRihanna on a night out with friends in Portofino, Italy

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyEnjoying the choice of art and jewelry in town

Rihanna Sightseeing Portofino ItalyHeading back to her yacht at the end of the night in Portofino, Italy

Note: Images courtesy of rihannadaily.com and Kika Press

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Rihanna in Portofino Italy

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