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What is the attraction of the town ?

The tiny fishing village of Portofino Italy is tucked away in a splendid bay at the tip of a curling peninsula and sparkles like a bright jewel amongst the lush emerald greenery of the Promontory. Once a typical Ligurian fishing village with the years it has morphed into a very exclusive yet discreet vacation escape destination.

Portofino Italy ( Click on the image for a Virtual Tour )

Its centre consists of the charming yet simple piazza, flanked by the tall, colourful houses huddled in a semi-circle, while lazily being washed by the sea waters of the marina. It all creates a serene atmosphere with a taste of bygone days and almost a film-set quality.


Portofino and its Marina

Portofino : The main Piazza in town...

Overlooked protectively by Brown Castle

Portofino became particularly famous as an international destination in the 50s when it was discovered by the actor Rex Harrison. 

He was so charmed by the place that he built a villa above the luxury Hotel Splendido which ensured a constant stream of visits to the town by his glamorous
Hollywood film-star friends from Clark Gable to Jennifer Jones and David O. Selznik and later Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Humphrey Bogart and more.

The harbour then slowly became ringed with waterside restaurants, cafés and later boutiques which you can enjoy to this day.

The waterfront is now dotted with restaurants and coffee shops...

Portofino Molo, Tigullio Gulf

Portofino Molo, Tigullio Gulf

Looking at photographs from this era you cannot fail to notice that in fact very little has changed in Portofino today as compared to the 50s.

Portofino, Tigullio Gulf Panorama of Portofino Italy in the 50s...

Portofino Italy, Tigullio Gulf ... and the same view today

The preservation of the natural beauty of the area has been a high priority which led to the establishment of the Natural Park of Portofino.

Portofino Italy in the 50s, Tigullio Gulf Portofino then...

Portofino Italy Hotel Splendido in the 50s, Tigullio Gulf The side looking towards the Tigullio Gulf
with Hotel Splendido in the background...

Portofino Italy Hotel Splendido, Tigullio Gulf ... and the same view now

Portofino Italy Il Faro Lighthouse, Tigullio Gulf Portofino Italy: Il Faro then...

Portofino Italy Il Faro Lighthouse, Tigullio Gulf ... and now

So today you can immerse yourself with gusto in the vast lushness of the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation dominated by pines, cypresses, and palm trees while splashed with colour and scent from lemon trees, wisteria and azaleas:

The lush greenery of Portofino

Nowadays, Portofino is still a must-stop summer destination for many celebrities, film stars and jet-setters though the preferred method of arrival is by yacht rather than taking the winding road from Santa Margheritta.

There are always some very impressive yachts moored in the Portofino Marina to admire while on your way discovering the sights.

So what is the attraction of this exclusive resort - it just strikes a perfect balance between stunning nature, peaceful atmosphere, excellent Ligurian food and pristine blue waters while drenched in warm Mediterranean sunshine... So just kick back and enjoy this little corner of heaven...

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