Overnight parking in Lerici

Parking in Lerici

Parking in Lerici

Please let us know if there is an overnight parking in Lerici in October.

We would like to park and take ferry to Cinque Terre and spend 1 night in Monterrosso. Is it possible and if so where do we park and how do we pay?

Thank you

Dear Yanina,

Yes, there are several options for parking overnight in Lerici. The parking places in Lerici generally charge between 8am and 8pm , after that hour the parking is for free. The two parking lots most convenient for you will be :

- The parking lot at Venere Azzura is the cheapest, charging 0.60 euros per hour. For a day's parking this will be 12h x 0.6 = €7.2

- The other parking spot is just before you enter Lerici and is called 'Erbetta'. It is a much smaller place with just around 15/20 spaces. Here the parking is also charged between 8am to 8pm with the first hour charged at €1.00 and every subsequent hour at €1.70. For a day's charge this will make 1hx €1.00 + 11hx €1.7 = €19.7

Both parking lots have machines to pay for the ticket and then display it on your car window. I have enclosed a map indicating the locations for both paces.

I hope this helps and enjoy your stay,

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Sep 24, 2012
staying 1 night in Cinque Terre
by: yanina

Thank you for the information re overnight parking. If we are looking to spend one night in
Cinque Terre, any recommendations which town is the most convenient/easiest to get lodging?
Thank you

Answer LiguriaGuide:
It would be easy to get an accommodation in October in any of the villages, but since Monterosso is the largest of the five, you will have more choice there.

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