A Favourite in Liguria Restaurants

La Griglia in San Terenzo

As natives to the area we have seen many Liguria restaurants come and go during the years. We have also developed our list of personal favourites...

Relocating to the UK for the past few years has meant that we have developed massive Italian food cravings when away from Italy. So anytime we are back in Liguria to visit family and friends, we make sure we go out for a nice Italian food dinner. 

What makes a restaurant succeed and also satisfy our Italian food cravings? A combination of an excellent experience, welcoming environment and of course, superb food.

Welcome to La Griglia in San Terenzo

On all these accounts, this entry to our favourite Liguria restaurants list, makes it an important addition for quite sometime.

Liguria Restaurants: La Griglia Experience

To put La Griglia into context, it is located in the ancient fishing village of San Terenzo on the western end of the spectacular Bay of Lerici.

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca, Liguria PicturesPiazza Brusacà in San Terenzo leading to the San Terenzo Castle  

The home of the restaurant is Piazza Brusaca located just underneath the medieval castle of San Terenzo and overlooking to the east the main beach of San Terenzo and the Bay.

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria PicturesPiazza Brusacà hosts our favourite seafood restaurant 'La Griglia'

The restaurant is a relatively small establishment and offers an intimate and relaxed atmosphere filled with charm and class at the same time. Being so close to the sea, La Griglia specialises in typical seafood dishes.

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria PicturesThe atmosphere of La Griglia

The current owners, Paolo Bertella and Matteo Udovici , took over the management of the restaurant in Dec 2007 and their passion and purpose have turned this into one of the most sought after seafood restaurants in the Bay of Lerici by locals and tourists alike.

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria PicturesThe owners Matteo and Paolo together with Christina and Sonia

Liguria Restaurants: La Griglia's Menu

As with the majority of the restaurants in the area, La Griglia’s menu is dominated by local seafood specialities. If you are not a fish lover, there are meat options as well but the choice is not as extensive.

The owners are truly dedicated to only using fresh ingredients and preparing each and every dish at the moment of order. They do warn that this may result at times of slightly longer waiting time but to be honest in all the times we’ve been there, we have hardly ever noticed that. What we have noticed though is the incredibly delicious food…

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria PicturesFreshly caught fish is the order of the day at La Griglia

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria PicturesPaolo is hard at work in the kitchen

The Antipasti ( Appertisers) options include:

Carpaccio di Pescespada, Antipasto di Mare Misto ( min 2 persons), Acciughe marinate, Insalata di Mare.

With the Antipasto di Mare Misto been a firm favourite and giving you the possibility to taste some typical local seafood specialities.

Click Images to Enlarge

While as Primi Piatti you can taste:

Tagliolini astice (min 2 persons), Spaghetti allo scoglio, Tagliolini alle vongole veraci con zucchine, gnocchi gamberi e rucola, Penne agli scampi, Trofie al pesto, Risotto alla pescatora ( min 2 persons), Gnocchi al pomodoro and Gnocchi all’arrabbiata.

With favourites being Penne agli scampi and Risotto alla pescatora.

Click Images to Enlarge

The main dishes are too many to mention but incredibly tasty too. So once you have placed your order, just sit back, sip on your drink and munch on warm bread straight from the oven while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Castle Piazza Brusaca La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria Pictures

Golfo dei Poeti San Terenzo Orata Alla Ligure La Griglia Restaurant, Liguria PicturesOrata Alla Ligure

We are usually way to full by the time we reach the dessert time, but we always somehow manage to find some room in our stomachs for the homemade Dolci on offer. And have the evening come to an end over coffee...

La Griglia is also opened during lunch time and makes for a perfect place to take a nice, long one at that.

Further Information

The prices for the Antipasti options range between €10 to €15; for Primi Piatti between €7 to €15 and the Main Course between €5 to €25. So this does not make La Griglia the cheapest of places but the food is worth every penny.

The restaurant also often gets booked for catering special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, communions etc.

La Griglia is a truly fine seafood Liguria restaurant. We have rarely returned to a restaurant as much as we have with La Griglia but excellent food is the exception!

La Griglia Opening Hours: Tuesday is closed

  • 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • 7:30pm – 12:00pm

La Griglia Phone Number: 0187 970665

La Griglia Restaurant

Thank you for visiting our guide… we look forward to welcoming you to Liguria and hope you will love it as much as we do !

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