Liguria Real Estate

Investment Guide to the Liguria Region

For most people considering investing in Liguria real estate the primary reason for choosing Italy is not always a pure investment decision. They will often admit that the real reason is coming from the heart rather than the head – it is the irresistible charm and romance of the place that have drawn them in and made them to fall in love with the food, the warmth of the sun, the breathtaking landscapes and the
delightful people.

Liguria Real Estate: The Attraction of the Italian Riviera

The region of Liguria in Italy is that magical narrow strip of coastline stretching from the French border all the way to the top of Tuscany. Liguria boasts some 340km of coastline which is known as the Italian Riviera. It is characterised by both continuous line of long beaches as well as high cliffs and spectacular coves and hosts some of the most attractive real estate areas in Italy. Around 65 per cent of Liguria is mountainous.

The area has been attracting travellers for centuries with its resorts and beautiful beachesbeautiful beaches, favoured by its balmy weather and turquoise waters. Key coastal resorts are: Cervo, San Bartolomeo Al Mare, Diano Marina, Imperia, San Lorenzo Al Mare, Santo Stefano, Arma Di Taggia, San Remo, Ospedaletti, Bordighera, Ventimiglia.

National Park of Cinque Terre Manarola Terraces National Park of Cinque Terre , Manarola

The region is famous for the Cinque Terre as well as the picturesque coastal villages along what has become known as Golfo dei Poeti (the Gulf of Poets) . There are charming little fishing villages, small resort towns and historic port towns to admire and explore as well as the charming hillsides fragrant with the scent of lemon, olive and pine trees.

Golfo dei Poeti Portovenere Panorama Liguria ItalyLiguria Real Estate: The town of Portovenere in Golfo dei Poeti

Climate conditions in the region are very attractive too. Liguria's location between the mountains to the north and the protection of the Gulf Stream in the south create an extremely mild all-year-round climate.

The principal centres of the region are Genoa and La Spezia. The main airports servicing Liguria are Cristoforo Colombo in Genoa and Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa. For further details on Air Travel to Liguria visit our dedicated section which offers essential information on travelling to Liguria by air – from travel details on Airports servicing Liguria to the flying options to Liguria and best ways of finding cheap airline tickets and deals.

Certainly Liguria is one of the top destinations for tourists in Italy, and as such real estate here commands high prices. Prices, subject to slumps in the property market as a whole, are a fairly good, steady one-way bet. But they start high. The most sought after, and arguably the most beautiful area of the region section is the stretch of coast from Genoa eastwards.

Liguria is a densely populated region, with most towns dotted along the thin coastline. So demand for property continues to be high which makes Liguria for a good investment if you are looking for long-term growth. But, if you consider investing here, you should know that it is a particularly seasonal region. During the summer months rents go through the roof, but drop off steeply as this predominantly coastal area tends to close down outside of the spring and summer months.

Liguria Real Estate

Thank you for visiting our guide… we look forward to welcoming you to Liguria and hope you will love it as much as we do ! Signiture

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