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There are many medieval Liguria Castles and fortifications dotted around the region's Provinces to explore and admire ...

Liguria Castles: Lerici Castle

Golfo dei Poeti Lerici Castle, Liguria Pictures

The magnificent Lerici Castle is the most prominent symbol of the town of Lerici . It rises on a rocky promontory overlooking the Bay of Lerici and is considered one of the most impressive and beautiful fortification in all of Liguria...

Liguria Castles: San Terenzo Castle

San Terenzo Castle , Liguria Pictures

The San Terenzo Castle dates from the Middle Ages and sits on top of a rocky spur some fifteen meters from the sea level, overlooking the town and the bay of San Terenzo ...

Liguria Castles: Castle Brown in Portofino

Castle Brown Castello Brown , Liguria Pictures Castello Brown

The Castle Brown dates from 1425 and sits high above the harbour of the beautiful town of Portofino, in the Gulf of Tigullio. During the centuries, it had active role in defending the town from various attacks aimed at capturing it. Its name comes from Sir Montague Yeats Brown, the British Consul in Genoa who bought the castle from the Italian government in 1870. From 1961 until today the castle is a property of the municipality of Portofino and it hosts important cultural events and exhibitions....

Liguria Castles: Andrea Doria Castle in Portovenere

Castle Doria Portovenere , Liguria Pictures

The Andrea Doria Castle , built by the Genoese between the 12th and 17th centuries, dominates the landscape of Portovenere and overlooks the magical Poet’s Gulf . The Castle rises on the top of a hill and is considered one of oldest military structures in the Republic of Genoa. It's a beautiful walk up to the castle and the charming terrace below it affords spectacular views high above the waves. It is a great spot for a picnic...

Belforte Castle in Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Belforte Castle Vernazza Cinque Terre , Liguria Pictures

The landscape of the village of Vernazza Cinque Terre is very much dominated by the remains of a series of medieval fortifications dating from the eleventh century as well as its medieval Belforte Castle and cylindrical tower. The Belforte Castle was built in the mid-1500's, primarily to protect the village from pirates’ attacks. Nowadays, it is very well preserved and offers spectacular views over the town and the small port, as well as a break taking panorama of the sea. To get to the forte, just follow the sign from the main square, and keep climbing up!

Castle of Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Obertenghi Castle Monterosso Cinque Terre , Liguria Pictures

The Castle of Monterosso rises on the hill that separates the ancient village from the modern part of Monterosso Cinque Terre which stretches along the seaside in the small bay of Fegina. Today, the remains of the medieval fortifications - the walls of the ancient fortress, the remains of the Castle, and the Aurora Tower dominate the landscape of the old town of Monterosso . The initial structure of the Castle was built by the Obertenghi family but later strengthened and extended by Genoese.

Dragonara Castle in Camogli

Gragonara Castle , Liguria Pictures

The Dragonara Castle is said to date back to XII century and is an important defensive structure in the Ligurian village of Camogli, overlooking the Gulf of Paradiso. During the centuries it has played various important roles: at the beginning it was conceived as a defensive fortresses guarding the safety of the town from pirate attacks coming from the Mediterranean sea. Later, it was used as a prison, subsequently became a consultative assembly and finally, in the XX century it has hosted the ancient Tirrenic acquarium which exhibited different specimens of marine fauna. The castle is thus considered the forerunner of the Aquarium of Genoa.

Liguria Castles

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