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Leaving luggage in Genoa train station

We are traveling from France to Cinque Terre and have a short stop in Genoa. We are wondering if there is somewhere in the Genoa Train station where

Continue reading "Leaving luggage in Genoa train station"

Flying from Birmingham to Liguria

Hello, Is it possible to fly to a Liguria airport from Birmingham airport, England? Hello Andrea, Based on the flight destination information as

Continue reading "Flying from Birmingham to Liguria"

Visiting the Cinque Terre with a car

Hello, We have a couple of questions on visiting the Cinque Terre: 1) leave rental car at one end and pick it up (or get a ride back)at the other end

Continue reading "Visiting the Cinque Terre with a car"

Day Boat Tours Along Liguria Coast

How can I find day or half day boat tours along the Ligurian coast? We'll be staying in Genoa, but we can drive to any departure point. Hello Bill,

Continue reading "Day Boat Tours Along Liguria Coast"

How long is the train travel between La Spezia and the Cinque Terre

We are visiting the Cinque Terre in Sept. and want to know how long a train trip is it from La Spezia to Manarola. Thank you/ Hello Robert, The train

Continue reading "How long is the train travel between La Spezia and the Cinque Terre"

Visiting Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa

We are visiting Genoa in September and would like to visit Pallazzo San Giorgio. Can you just visit it on your own or do you have to make an appointment?

Continue reading "Visiting Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa "

Hiking Trail Conditions in the Cinque Terre Following Land Slides

I am planning a trip to 5terre in Oct. 2013. What is the condition of the area since the 2012 land slides? Hello Mary, The floods and landslides following

Continue reading "Hiking Trail Conditions in the Cinque Terre Following Land Slides"

Feast of Santa Marghertia de Antiochia is July 20 in Vernazza

Hello, We are coming to Cinque Terre on July 20 and would like to visit Vernazza during this festival. Do you know what will be going on? What time

Continue reading "Feast of Santa Marghertia de Antiochia is July 20 in Vernazza"

Apartments Liguria

Holiday Apartments Liguria - hand-picked rentals offering self-catering accommodation' holidays in the region of Liguria in Italy...

Continue reading "Apartments Liguria"

Disembark from cruise ship in Genoa and travel to the Cinque Terre

My husband and I will be visiting Genoa next April (with friends) when we finish a cruise (MSC cruise line). When we disembark from the ship (can you

Continue reading "Disembark from cruise ship in Genoa and travel to the Cinque Terre"

Nonna Nucia Apartment

Nonna Nucia Apartment is a one-bedroom apartment, located in the town of Solaro, nested on the slopes of the hills above the famous tourist town of Lerici...

Continue reading "Nonna Nucia Apartment"

Le Isole Apartamento

Le Isole is a two-bedroom apartment, located in the historical town of La Serra, nested on the slopes of the hills above the famous tourist town of Lerici...

Continue reading "Le Isole Apartamento"

Should we visit Cinque Terre in November

I am writing to ask: Would you recommend visiting Cinque Terre in November? November is the only time my family and I can visit. Any info would help.

Continue reading "Should we visit Cinque Terre in November"

Liguria Castles

There are many Liguria Castles and fortifications dotted around the region's Provinces to explore and admire - from Castle Brown in Portofino to Lerici Castle and much more...

Continue reading "Liguria Castles"

Val di Magra - Discover Its Enchanting Beauty

Val di Magra (Magra Valley) is a beautiful area to visit, set between lush green hills, majestic mountains and the clear blue sea...

Continue reading "Val di Magra - Discover Its Enchanting Beauty"

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