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If you have a business in any of the Liguria provinces and are looking for a way to promote it, you've found the right place. We do not think you’ll find a better deal anywhere on the web than the advertising program, and you certainly won’t find anything as inexpensive in the printed press. And most importantly, your advertisement reaches visitors before they visit Liguria, at the crucial trip-planning stage.

This could be especially helpful for Bed-and-Breakfasts, Agriturismi, Camping sites, Guest Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Hire, Taxi Firms, Organised Tours, Tourist Attractions, Art Galleries or any other travel or hospitality-related services.

This section will explain who our visitors are and what they expect, who we are, and additional information about advertising on this site so you can make an informed decision.

Who Are Our Target Clients

Nearly Everyone Researches Their Liguria Vacation Online

Although our visitors come from over 80 countries around the world each month, the majority of them are coming from major English speaking countries - the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia, etc.

Visitors find the site before they book a flight, accommodation, rental car, etc. while researching their next vacation. They explore the site and often pick and print out what to do and visit on their Liguria holiday.

Our accommodation seeking visitors range from couples to larger groups, however we also receive requests from family groups.


This Liguria-loving site was created by Irina Nikolova and Gianfranco Calcagno to share with the world their passion for this beautiful corner of Italy. Our focus is to share our local knowledge, explorations and discoveries of Liguria from tip to tip. offers accommodation listings as well as provides information and publishes reviews of restaurants, hotels, shops, day trips, and other adventures in Liguria, independent of advertising. By providing these services to our visitors, we build trust and we gain a customer for life.

We do research in order to deliver the travel information readers are seeking, therefore our site is constantly being updated with fresh content and new things which keeps our readers coming back. is a fast growing site, both in popularity and size, and is full of interesting, useful content which attracts thousands of prospective visitors to the area each month. It also boasts many top ranked pages on all the major search engines.

What is Our Online Advertisement Fee Structure

The range of fee structures available subject to agreement is as follows :

Monthly Fees

An agreed monthly fee for a listing of your property, business or service.

This fee structure is popular with our ‘Dedicated Full Page Listing’ advertising option. It includes a contact/booking form providing leads directly to the advertiser and it is down to the advertiser to deal with the resulting enquiries, bookings and payments.

Invoiced monthly in advance (see below for pay-in-advance discount).



A percentage commission - agreed in advance - of each sale or booking etc. with you made by virtue of a lead from this website.

This is another popular fee structure with advertisers listing their property, business or services with us especially when they are not keen on committing to an ongoing monthly fee.

Another advantage of this scheme over the Monthly Fee structure is that it affords a hassle-free earnings as we ( deal with the enquiries, bookings and payment process. Once we have collected the payment and confirmed the booking, we deduct our agreed percentage commission from the payment amount and transfer the remainder to you on a monthly basis.

Payment to be made on a monthly basis.



Either a set fee per click from our site, or a specific sum per number of clicks. We provide a detailed breakdown of clicks within each month.

Invoiced monthly in arrears.



This fee option is available for dedicated page advertisements where a direct contact form to you will be included in the page.

A set fee per lead. Invoiced monthly in arrears.


Combined Package

A package containing a combination of the above that suits your requirements. You may choose from one of these options, or we can put together a package containing some combination of the above that suits your advertising budget and needs.

Pricing Info

  • Ad rates are based on...
    – traffic (site-wide or amount of traffic of specific pages)
    - value to the advertiser
    - ad format/size/prominence;

  • All prices are quoted in Euros;

  • Payments are accepted via PayPal (credit cards accepted, no account needed), or direct deposits;

  • Unless specifically agreed differently, invoices will be issued on monthly basis (see below for pay-in-advance discount);

  • Both parties can cancel the agreement with 30 days notice. Please be assured that, if at any time you are not satisfied with your agreement with us, we will promptly refund the balance of any payment made in advance and remove your advertisement.

As mentioned above, continues to gain in popularity each and every month. We value your business. If you choose us for your online advertising needs, you will be given the lowest possible price at renewal, which will always be more competitive than those prices offered to incoming advertisers (due to ever-increasing traffic and pricing).

Payment-In-Advance Discount

  • Take advantage of best pricing by locking in the current rate;

  • If paying for 6 months in advance, you pay for 5 months and get one month free;

  • You will receive an option to renew 30 days before the end of the 6-month term.

Contract of Agreement

Once we have agreed the placement of your advertisement and payment terms, we will issue a Contract of Agreement. Upon receipt of confirmation of your acceptance of the Contract, your advertisement will be included within

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note: In compliance with Google's webmaster guidelines all advertiser links include the rel="nofollow" attribute;

  • retains the sole right to decline any proposed advertising and/or promotion that is deemed unsuitable for this site or of little interest to our site visitors;

  • All advertising and payment options are subject to availability;

  • No flash ads.

Interested ?

If you have a tourist-related service, which you feel would be suitable for our clients or would like to enquire about any of our services, please contact the exclusive local agent of by submitting the form below. Together, we can create a suitable program that...

  • brands your business

  • -and-
  • direct-response markets your product/service straight to your prospective clientele.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
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Web Site URL
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Zip/Postal Code*
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