Levanto Services and Useful Numbers

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Our Levanto Services and Useful Numbers section is here to provide essential information on the emergency numbers and other valuable services available in this area of the Cinque Terre as well as help on how to search the residential and business phone directories and the Italian Yellow Pages...

Levanto Emergency Numbers - Numeri di Emergenza

  • Police - CarabinieriFarmacia Sant'Antonio
    Corso Roma
    tel. 0187-808105 ; 0187-808303

  • Traffic Police - Vigili Urbani
    Piazza Cavour
    tel. 0187-808297

  • Finance Police - Guardia di Finanza
    Pié di Legnaro
    tel. 0187-800600

  • Fire Brigade - Vigili del fuoco
    tel. 115

  • Medical Emergency - Emergenza Sanitaria
    tel. 118

  • First Medical Aid - Guardia Medica
    via N.S. della guardia
    tel. 0187-800973

  • Hospital San Nicolò - Ospedale San Nicolò
    via N.S. della guardia
    tel. 0187-808409

  • Harbour - Capitaneria di Porto
    piazza Colombo
    tel. 0187-808150

  • State Forestry Corps - Corpo Forestale Dello Stato
    Via Martiri della Libertà, 45
    tel. 0187-807087

  • Ambulances - Ambulanze

      Red Cross - Croce Rossa
      piazza Mazzini
      tel. 0187-808535

      Red Green - Croce verde
      piazza Colombo
      tel. 0187-808381

For more information and help on the emergency phone numbers in Italy , visit our dedicated section.

Levanto Services and Useful Numbers - Informazioni Utili su Levanto

  • Levanto Town Council - Comune di Deiva
    Piazza Cavour 5
    19013 Levanto
    tel. 0187-808113

  • Pharmacies - Farmacie

    • Pharmacy - Farmacia Bardellini
      via Zoppi, 17
      tel. 0187-808699
    • Pharmacy - Farmacia Centrale
      via Dante, 2
      tel. 0187-808346

    • Pharmacy - Farmacia Moderna
      corso Italia, 12
      tel. 0187-808372

    • Pharmacy - Farmacia Zoppi
      via Garibaldi, 106
      tel. 0187-808672

  • Post Office - Ufici Postali
    Via Jacopo 14
    tel. 0187-808164

  • Railway Station - Stazione Fs
    Piazzale Nuova Stazione
    tel. 0187-808457

  • Taxi Services from the Railway Station
    tel. 0187-808247

  • Banks - Banche

    • Banca Popolare di Lodi
      via Jacopo da Levanto
      tel. 0187-808103
    • Cassa di Risparmio della Spezia
      Corso Italia, 22
      tel. 0187-808112

    • Cassa di Risparmio di Genova
      piazza Cavour
      tel. 0187-807430

Levanto Services: Private Beaches - Stabilimenti Balneari a Levanto

Levanto Beach

  • Bagni Nettuno
    Località Vallesanta
    tel. 0187-807686

  • Bagni Sirena
    Via G. Semenza
    tel. 0187-801041

  • Bagni Casino
    Piazza Colombo
    tel. 0187-807323

  • Bagni Blue Marlin
    Località Vallesanta
    tel. 0187-801507

  • Bagni Marina Gritta
    Località Vallesanta
    tel. 0187-808593

  • Bagni Minetti
    Via Guido Semenza
    tel. 0187-807175

  • Bagni Vallesanta
    Località Vallesanta
    tel. 0187-801510

Italy Phone Numbers - PagineBianche Directory

Italy Phone Numbers Pagine Bianche

The fastest way to find a particular residential or business phone number is to use the Italian telephone directory "PagineBianche". Conveniently, the PagineBianche is available online and you can do searches in English, German, French and Spanish, as well as Italian.

In addition to a phone search by inputting surname or company name, location and nearest major town or city, the website allows you to perform some special searches :

Yellow Pages Italy - Pagine Gialle

Italy Phone Numbers Pagine Gialle

Similarly to PagineBianche, Yellow Pages Italy - Pagine Gialle is also available online and allows for searches in English, German, French and Spanish, as well as Italian.

Levanto Services

Thank you for visiting our guide… we look forward to welcoming you to Liguria and hope you will love it as much as we do !

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