Lerici Useful Numbers and Services

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Our Lerici Useful Numbers and Services section is here to provide essential information on the emergency numbers and other valuable services available in this area of Golfo dei Poeti as well as help on how to search the residential and business phone directories and the Italian Yellow Pages...

Lerici Emergency Numbers - Numeri di Emergenza

  • First Risponse, Police
    tel. 0187-967326

  • Coast Guard 
    tel. 0187-258101

  • Paramedics
    tel. 0187-967136

  • Pharmacies
    tel. 0187-970991
    tel. 0187-967343
    tel. 0187-967125

For more information and help on the emergency phone numbers in Italy , visit our dedicated section.

Services in San Terenzo

  • Lerici Castle (office hours)
    tel. 0187-969114

  • Taxi Services
    tel. 0187-967303

  • Office of Tourism, Sport and Culture (Lerici)
    tel. 0187-960288

  • URP (Office of Public Relations) (Lerici)
    tel. 0187-960213

  • Town Library (Lerici)
    tel. 0187-966053

  • Astoria Movie Theater (Lerici)
    tel. 0187-952253

  • APT - Tourist Information (Venere Azzurra)
    tel. 0187-967346

  • Convention Center at Villa Marigola (Venere Azzurra) - Villa Marigola once hosted the Empress of Germany and today is the venue for many cutural events and is a sought after conference centre.
    tel. 0187-970065

  • Tennis Club (Venere Azzurra)
    tel. 0187-965995

  • Town's Pool (Venere Azzurra)
    tel. 0187-966497

Italy Phone Numbers - PagineBianche Directory

Italy Phone Numbers Pagine Bianche

The fastest way to find a particular residential or business phone number is to use the Italian telephone directory "PagineBianche". Conveniently, the PagineBianche is available online and you can do searches in English, German, French and Spanish, as well as Italian.

In addition to a phone search by inputting surname or company name, location and nearest major town or city, the website allows you to perform some special searches :

Yellow Pages Italy - Pagine Gialle

Italy Phone Numbers Pagine Gialle

Similarly to PagineBianche, Yellow Pages Italy - Pagine Gialle is also available online and allows for searches in English, German, French and Spanish, as well as Italian.

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