Jun 12, 2011 - Get a taste of medieval life at Medieval Festival in Borgo Fornari

by LiguriaGuide.com
(Municipality of Ronco Scrivia, Castello di Borgo Fornari)

Medieval castle of Borgo Fornari

Medieval castle of Borgo Fornari

Today Jun 12th, 2011 you have the rare chance to dive in the life of the Middle Ages at the medieval castle of Borgo Fornari in Municipality Ronco Scrivia. A journey through time to relive and rediscover the characters, games, traditional crafts, scents and tastes of a bygone era.

The event will give you the chance to find out what was the daily life in a medieval village, walking through the camp of soldiers placed in defense of the castle, looking at the shops of the artisans, the folk who washed clothes and the knights who discuss their business around the fire ...

Visitors can wander among the stalls of the market meeting the different characters that animated the life of the medieval town: the chemist with his desk full of curios things, the cobbler, the scribe, the carpenter, the doctor ...

Also within the courtyards of the castle there will be a tavern where you can enjoy dishes made following ancient medieval cookbook recipes.

You will have the chance to watch the evolution of flying falcons, eagles and owls with their falconers to discover the ancient art of training and falconry.

And also skilled archers will be available to the public for theoretical and technical explanations on the use of the crossbow in the Middle Ages.

Towards the end of the day there will be dueling knights and medieval dances.

Through trying out clothes, experimenting in various professions, activities and games you will be able to discover the ancient tradition of what it meant to be a medieval man.


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