Italy Renovation

How to Choose a Property to Restore

When embarking on Italy renovation project, one of the first and most important decisions is choosing the right property. And one of the keys to success here is seeing the big picture and this means having vision. Of course, vision alone is not enough and we cover here a few of the other key areas to pay attention to before committing to buying a property for renovation.

Italy Renovation: Recognise the Property's Potential

Successful property restoration is not just about implementing a few cosmetic changes rather you, or someone you trust, has got to be able to see clearly the property's potential and what it could be if certain work is carried out.

You should be able to recognise whether that separate building structure is suitable for conversion into an independent apartment for renting or whether the property would be suitable for splitting into apartments for a greater rental return or would taking out a few partition walls transform the interior.

Italy Renovation: Authorisation for Restoration Work 

When buying a property you then intend to renovate, it is vital to be certain that permission to carry out a restoration project has either been granted already, before you make the purchase, or that it will be granted. 

You will need to enlist the expertise and services of a geometra or an architect. The reason for this is that all manner of construction work and restoration work needs a request to the relevant local commune from the owner and one of the professionals above. You as the owner can be represented by an agent acting on his behalf in this process.

And before authorisation for work will be granted, a charge needs to be paid to the local commune; after that permission can take up to 90 days to be granted. Minor work, like replacing floors, wiring, etc, still has to have permission granted but without liability to tax.

Italy Renovation: Check for Ruins

It is a good idea to thoroughly check whether any land that comes along with the property you intend to buy includes any ruins. The reason for this is that in certain protected rural areas in Italy, if a piece of land has any remnants of a building, even if only the first line of stones or part of a wall, so long as that ruin was once a
habitable unit, you are entitled to rebuild it.

Italy Renovation: Property Permission

As with all homes in Italy , check that the property you are looking to buy has permission to be where it is. You can find many examples of properties on the coast that have been illegally built because developers have ignored the 250m rule, which states simply that any property built after 1967 must be 250m away from the shoreline. If is nearer than this it is illegal and is liable to be pulled down.

Italy Restoration: View of the Property

Make sure that the view from your to-be-renovated property is good and will
not be obstructed by any of the work you have planned or is planned for other
properties – do this by asking around the local area.

And Lastly Swimming Pool Is Always A Good Idea...

When going through the renovation plans, It is always a good idea to allow room for a swimming pool if at all possible – even if you don’t want or can’t afford to build one. The potential to build one will greatly add to the value of your property as well as make it much more rentable if you are planning on attracting rental income .


How to Choose a Property to Restore

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