Explore the Golfo dei Poeti ( Poet's Gulf )

You find the small village of Fezzano on the western part of the Gulf of La Spezia and is part of the commune of Portovenere together with the village of Le Grazie. It has a charming landscape with its surrounding hills and the seafront, where a sweet village atmosphere can still be breathed in.

The seafront in Fezzano with its tower-houses

As with all of the villages in the area, it has old origins with its name first recorded as early as in year 1052. During the Genoan occupation of Portovenere, the
inhabitants of Fezzano settled closer to the coastline, devoting themselves to maritime trade that developed to such an extent that in the early 18th century there was a fleet of forty sailboats, gaining Fezzano a name for its expert sailors.


The marina at Fezzano

Today, the bay of the village hosts a private marina with 240 floating berths which has been created on the spot where the old shipyard once stood. The expert skills and tradition of shipbuilding has been preserved to this day and you can rely on a specialized site for all types of repairs.

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As you would expect, Fezzano has a layout typical of Ligurian maritime villages with its pastel-coloured tower-houses at the seafront and winding alleyways.

In 1729 at the centre of the village began the construction of an oratory dedicated to San Giovanni Battista with contributions from all inhabitants and above all of ship owners, later to become the present-day autonomous San Giovanni Battista parish church.

Church of San Giovanni Battista

At the end of the 18th century an organ was purchased from the famous Genoese organ maker Luigi Ciurlo which can be admired in the church to this day. The church also houses five big canvases by the local painter Giuseppe Tori and a wooden statue by Anton Maria Maragliano.

For the beach lovers, Fezzano offers a protected seafront where you can stroll along the beach and take the sun while getting a shade from lush pine trees and admiring the views over the Gulf...


Interactive Map of the Area

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You can zoom in and out, finding the best scale and then print it to .pdf and bring it along on vacation! You definitely won't find a more detailed, up to date map online or on vacation.


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