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What is the attraction of the town ?

Deiva Marina is a located along the Ligurian coast, close to the Cinque Terre and not far from Genoa. This small town is away from busy roads, peacefully tucked away in the wonderful natural park "Monte-Serro - Punta Mesco".

Deiva Marina is blessed with a wide sandy beach

Many people who have stayed in Deiva Marina will mention that there is not a lot to do there. However, they will say it with smiles on their faces. This is not the kind of town people visit in order to dance all night or roam the streets seeking random entertainment. Deiva Marina is a vacation getaway made for the kind of person who loves the sea and wants a vacation to feel relaxing rather than hurried.

The seafront promenade is a place to relax and enjoy the view

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One of the biggest draws of the town for most people are the wide sandy beach
which is a real luxury in the Cinque Terre area as well as the sheer enjoyment of simply taking relaxing walks along the seafront promenade and the quiet moments you can find as you stroll down the tranquil town’ streets that are not in a hurry to take you anywhere.

Deiva Marina is the kind of tourist destination that actually lets tourists feel as if they are on a vacation and not on a schedule.

What a better way to relax than on the sandy beach

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Things to Do in Town and Around the Area

The older part of town, which dates from the 9th century and is the centre of the original settlement, is located more inland towards the surrounding hills. While small in area it is lovely to just get lost into the charming atmosphere of the typical narrow alleyways which characterise this part of town.

The charming, quiet alleyways of the old town

There are a few places to eat as well 

 You cannot help but witness the local life while strolling along the alleyways with smells, sounds and conversations oozing out of open house windows.

The charming alleyway leading to the parish church in the old town

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In the centre of the old town you cannot miss to visit the parish church dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate, which dates from 1730.

The parish chuch of Sant’Antonio Abate

The inside of the church is decorated in baroque style and you can admire
paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as well as an Agati mechanical organ from 1848.

The outside courtyard of the church is just as interesting – it is laid out in a typical Ligurian style using smoothed pebbles of different colours to form patterns and

The intricate pebble courtyard of the church and 
the square watch-tower opposite the church 

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Just opposite the church you will notice a square medieval tower topped with projecting battlements, remnant of the Genovese rule and used as watch tower to guard against invasions. There was a second round tower near the seafront but all it remains now are its ruins.


The modern part of town was built along the seafront, at the delta of the Castagnola Stream. The streets here are much wider as compared to the old town with a few food stores and gift shops dotted around.

The modern part of town has developed close to the seafront

Deiva is famous for its beautiful white sandy beach and clear blue water. Sand beaches are rarity in this part of the Ligurian coastline. Most of them are pebble or stone beaches and generally quite small in size. This is why the beach in Deiva is such an attraction for its visitors.

The beach is divided in private and public sections, with the private sections being well equipped with rent-able deckchairs, sun beds, beach umbrellas etc.

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Relaxing on the beach is not the only experience Deiva can offer though - fishing, sailing and windsurfing can easily be practised by the more sportive of you.

There are great nature hiking trails to be enjoyed in the surrounding park which will give you the chance to not only admire the admire the local nature but also visit the nearby hamlets.

Ruins of an ancient hospice and a Romanesque church can be found in the hamlet of Baracca, near Monte San Nicolao. The Via Romea or di Francia originally passed through here. In the middle ages, an important commercial route called the “Via del Sale” (the Salt Way), connected the Pianura Padana with the Ligurian coast. 

At the same time, the ferry and train links make Deiva a great base for exploring the nearby villages of the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Tigullio.

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Where to Stay ?

If you are going to stay in Deiva Marina, then you will need a place to sleep. Fortunately, this serene coastal town is home to many fine hotels and even a campsite for those that want to enjoy the natural settings of this part of Liguria.

The Hotel Clelia is a stylish, family-run lodging in downtown Deiva Marina. Thankfully, given the size of this quaint Italian town, that puts the beach only about 70 meters away.

Hotel Clelia Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

Hotel Clelia Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

If you most desire access to the beach and the sound of sea waves lulling you to sleep, then the Hotel Clelia is the place for you. The rooms here are fabulously popular with tourists.

Hotel Clelia Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

The air conditioning will prevent you from suffering anything too authentic about the local climate and the gorgeous swimming pool is available for those who prefer to walk on the beach rather than go swimming in the sea.

Hotel Clelia Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

There is free internet in every room and the staff members speak various languages so that you will never fear miscommunication.

The beach is just across the street from Albergo La Marina , another lovely hotel in this oasis along the Italian coast.

Albergo La Marina Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

They keep the rooms spotlessly clean at the Albergo and the staff members provide excellent service for their guests.

Albergo La Marina Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

Albergo La Marina Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

They bake their own bread and make their own cakes and croissants, serving them at breakfast along with omelets, yogurt and cereal. The bathrooms are conspicuously spacious and clean at this family-operated inn just a stone throw from the Ligurian Sea.

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You can enjoy natural surroundings at Camping La Sfinge without suffering any of the inconveniences that might normally put you off about a camping trip.

Camping La Sfinge Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

Camping La Sfinge Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

There is a shop at the campsite, which can provide you with any necessities while leaving you at peace in nature if you decide that you do not need any help. There are also showers and bathrooms nearby. Many visitors might be surprised by the proximity of the local train, making the campsite a very convenient starting point for further explorations of the Cinque Terre.

Camping La Sfinge Deiva Marina , The Cinque Terre Riviera

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The Must Taste Local Specialities

Although Deiva Marina is small compared to some of the nearby towns of Genoa, La Spezia or Sestri Levante, you can still find excellent Ligurian cuisine. Here you can find authentic Italian food that does not go out of its way to prove its authenticity to you. Rather, the restaurants of Deiva Marina present earnest meals that will satisfy your palate and fortify you for your travels through the coastal countryside.

Il Basilico is a large restaurant on Via Pietro Mancini. It has a sidewalk terrace. They serve delicious food here. One of the dishes that tourists rave about is the ravioli di pesce a la Liguria. Translated to your taste buds, this means black and white ravioli stuffed with bits of salmon and drenched in a seafood sauce.

On the promenade that runs along the seafront, hungry tourists can take refuge at Caravella. There is nothing like looking past a bottle of wine to see the sea waves rolling in. Try the gnocchi al pesto or the saltimbocca alla romana while you enjoy the view.

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What is the Weather Like ?

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Interactive Map of the Area

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You can zoom in and out, finding the best scale and then print it to .pdf and bring it along on vacation! You definitely won't find a more detailed, up to date map online or on vacation.

Thank you for visiting our guide… we look forward to welcoming you to Liguria and hope you will love it as much as we do ! Signiture

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