Cinque Terre Hiking Via DellAmore Trail

Connecting Riomaggiore and Manarola

Length: 1 km

Duration: 30 minutes

Degree of Difficulty : Easy

The Cinque Terre hiking Via dellAmore trail is perhaps the most famous and romantic stretch of the No.2 path (formally known as the Blue Trail). It connects Riomaggiore with Manarola and the trail begins near the railway station in Riomaggiore.

Via Dell'Amore Path , Cinque Terre Pictures Via dell'Amore path

As you exit the station, on your left, you will find a flight of stairs leading the way to the entrance to Via dell’Amore path (Path of Love) and before you know it you are pulled in by the beauty of the surrounding scenery. The trail has a magical atmosphere as is excavated through hard rock and is winding along the rock-face overhanging the sea.

Via Dell'Amore Path , Cinque Terre Pictures Via dell'Amore path

The history of the Via dell'Amore path dates at the beginning of the 20th century during the modernisation of the railway line Genoa-La Spezia-Pisa (1926-28) when a footpath was needed by railroad workers to move between Riomaggiore and Manarola during the construction of the tunnel between the two villages.

Via Dell'Amore Path , Cinque Terre Pictures Cinque Terre Hiking Via dellAmore path

The Cinque Terre hiking Via dellAmore path is not so much a hike but rather a pleasant stroll affording spectacular views of the cliffs, vineyards and the sea. It is flat and paved with slate tiles, equipped with handrails and benches along the way and nearly anyone could manage it making it ideal for inexperienced hiker.

Via Dell'Amore Path Hiking, Cinque Terre Pictures Cinque Terre Hiking Via dellAmore path

It is the remainder of the trail after Via Dell’Amore which is much more challenging, particularly the stretch from Vernazza to Monterosso al Mare.

Via Dell'Amore Path Cliffs and Vegetation , Cinque Terre PicturesCinque Terre Hiking Via dellAmore path

Along the path, apart from stunning scenery, you can admire various types of sandstones and wild vegetation such as the agaves, Japanese pitosforo, the prickly pear cacti, Indian fig, vanilla plant, the Hottentots (Carpobrotus acinaciformis, originally from South Africa), and other plants which have all adapted well to the proximity of the sea. While further up the hill you can see the classic Mediterranean bush covering the rocks.

Via Dell'Amore Path , Cinque Terre Pictures Cinque Terre Hiking Via dell'Amore path

During the summer months the romantic atmosphere of the path can get swamped by the excessive number of tourists visiting the place but do not let this disturb you and take away the chance to create a perfect moment.

Perhaps the best time to experience the magic of this place is to visit it early in the morning or at sunset and take a leisurely stroll along the path.

Via Dell'Amore Path sunset , Cinque Terre Pictures Via dell'Amore path at sunset

Take your time and rest on one of the sixteen benches created by the artist Marco Nereo Rottelli - each a unique work in iron and oak - while enjoying the clear blue waters of the Mediterrean on the left and the protection of the terraced cliffs bathed in the last rays of the day on your right.

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Bench, Cinque Terre Pictures The famous Love Bench - symbol of the Via dell'Amore path

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Locks , Cinque Terre Pictures You can find Love Locks almost anywhere along the Via dell'Amore path...

For many years the Via dell'Amore has been the inspiration and custodian of messages and declarations of love.

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Locks , Cinque Terre Pictures Love Locks on the Via dell'Amore path

Accompanying your stroll are the countless love locks dotted around the handrails along the path as well as the thousands and thousands of short messages of love left in the charming tunnel and along the cliffs...

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Messages , Cinque Terre Pictures Love messages are everywhere on the Via dell'Amore path - on the rocks...

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Messages , Cinque Terre Pictures ... even on the cacti...

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Messages Tunnel , Cinque Terre Pictures... as well as on the walls of the famous love tunnel

Nearing Manarola , you can also enjoy a refreshment in the very charming Bar of Love while sitting on its balcony overlooking the sea.

This last leg of the path is below terraced vineyards and overlooks Manarola's railway station. In order to enter the village, you must walk along a 150 metre-long pedestrian tunnel, which has been decorated with frescoes, representing the Cinque Terre , executed by the pupils of the Academia di Brera under the supervision of Lino Marzulli.

Via Dell'Amore Path Love Messages Tunnel , Cinque Terre PicturesThe pedestrian tunnel leading to Manarola...

Important Information

To hike along any of the stretches of Path No2 in the Cinque Terre, you are required to pay a ticket which is around EUR 5.00/person. Alternatively, we recommend you consider purchasing a Cinque Terre Card   which will afford the most economical way to visit the attractions and travel to/around the Cinque Terre villages .

Map of Cinque Terre Hiking Trails

Via Dell'Amore Path Map , Cinque Terre PicturesMap of Via Dell'Amore Hiking Trail

Alternatively, click to download a complete map of the Cinque Terre Hiking Trails...

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