Cinque Terre Card Battello and Pet Questions

by Suzanne
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Ferry service in the Cinque Terre

Ferry service in the Cinque Terre

Is it possible to pre-purchase the Cinque Terre Card Battello? We will be on holiday in May, and I will need to purchase cards for a group of 10 people on May 16, and then for up to 15 people on May 23.

In addition, one of our group is from France. He has a dog (with an international license) and is wondering if the dog will be able to accompany him on the hiking trails, train, and ferry.

Thank you very much!

Hello Suzanne,

We contacted the Cinque Terre Information Centre today ( Apr 14, 2011) and they advised us that unfortunately the Cinque Terre Card Battello has been discontinued and is currently not available for purchase.

You can still take a ferry service to/from and around the Cinque Terre villages as provided by the Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti company but this ticket is for the ferry service only. You would need to purchase separately the Cinque Terre Card or the Cinque Terre Card Treno option if you want to go on the hiking trails and get unlimited train travel on the Levanto - La Spezia Centrale - Levanto line for the day.

With regard to pre-booking the tickets, you can indeed pre-book the ferry tickets by giving a ring to the Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti company on tel. 011 39 0187732987. We were advised that there are discounts available for groups of over 10 persons and especially if you pre-book the tickets in advance. So I

will definitely recommend that you give them a call.

You can also pre-book the Cinque Terre Cards but it is done through a bank transfer via the National Park Office in Riomaggiore. To get the exact details, please contact them on tel: 011 39 0187 762 187 or 011 39 0187 920 633. We were advised that there are only group discounts for the Cinque Terre Card giving access to the hiking trails only but applicable for a group of over 25 persons.

Concerning your question as to whether a dog will be able to accompany this owner on the hiking trails, train, and ferry, the short answer is yes but there are a few things to be aware of.

You can take the dog on the trains but it needs to be on a leash. In addition, if it is quite a large dog, the owner might be asked to buy a separate train ticket for the dog as well.

On the ferry, the owner will be required to have the god on a leash as well as put on a muzzle but there will be no extra charge applied. In both cases though, the owner will need to make sure that he carries the international passport for the dog with details of its vaccinations.

He will be able to take the dog on the hiking trails of the Cinque Terre as well.

I hope this helps and let us know how your trip went.


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Mar 25, 2013
Whale Watching in the Cinque Terre
by: Panos M

Hi again and again!!!!

Thanks for your immediate reply!!!! I hope that this will be my last question....

Could you recommend any whale watching tours at Cinque Terre?

Thanks a lot.


Answer from
Hi Panos,

The nearest dedicated whale-watching tours I know of are organised by Consorzio Liguria Via Mare but they depart from Genoa rather than the Cinque Terre. They have large touring boats and a marine biologist on board conducting the tour and providing commentary. You can find more details at :

Alternatively, there are small boat hiring companies in the villages of the Cinque Terre which offer dolphin/whale watching itineraries. They will take you in a small boat along the coastline where you can spot dolphins or whales along the way. One such company based in Riomaggiore is the below:

Of course, no sightings are guaranteed with any of the tours but I am sure you will enjoy the scenery either way.

Hope this helps and please come back after your trip and let us know how it went.

All the best,

Mar 24, 2013
Camping Sites Around Levanto
by: Panos M

Hi again!!

I intend to arrive at Cinque Terre with a Motorhome and stay at a Camping Site neat Levanto.

My questions is how to get from the Camping Site to the train station? Is there a bus ride or something like that? Are dogs allowed on them? OR is there Camping Site in a walking distance form the train station of Levanto???

Too Many Questions!!! Thanks

Answer from
Hello again Panos,

You did not mention which particular camping site you were considering for your trip so I am listing all of the camping sites around Levanto :

Via Semenza, 5
Tel. 0187 - 808465/807365

Within 10 mins walking distance from the train station in Levanto. There is also a nearby bus that can take you there.

Via Albero d'Oro, 6
Tel. 0187 - 800400/800400

Within 10-15 mins walking distance from the train station in Levanto. You can take a bus ride from a nearby bus stop too.

Loc. Sella Mereti
Tel. 0187 - 801252/801252

Within 20 mins walking distance from the train station in Levanto. There is a nearby bus stop too and from what I can see the campsite are offering a free shuttle bus to town during the months of July and August which I am pretty sure passes by the Train Station.

Loc. Pian di Picche
Tel. 0187 - 800597/800597

Within 10 mins walking distance from the train station in Levanto but no public bus ride available.

Via Villa S. Michele, 98
Tel. 0187 - 800449

They are situated 2km away from the train station. You can either catch a taxi to get there or from what I understand they also offer shuttle service in the summer months.

Generally, you can take dogs on buses as well as trains but again make sure that your dog is on a leash.

I hope this helps,

Oct 23, 2012
Dogs Allowed for Train Travel
by: Panos M

As I understand, dogs are allowed on the train as well...Correct?

It is very convenient going for hiking and then return with the train.

Please confirm.

Answer from
Yes, you are allowed to take your dog on the train as well as the hiking trails. Be aware that the dog needs to be on a leash when traveling on the train and if it is a large dog, they might ask you to by a separate train ticket for the dog. Check with the ticket office at the train station when you are buying your own tickets.

Hope this helps,


Apr 15, 2012
Dogs on the Cinque Terra trails
by: Alex

What a relief to hear we can take our Jack Russell terrier on the trails. We were very worried that dogs were prohibited. Glad we saw this post.

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