Favourite Beaches in Camogli

The beaches in Camogli are just as inviting as the rest of the town and they extend to a generous stretch from the east to the west along the coastline. 

As with most of the beach options around Liguria, they range from the fully equipped beach clubs to free and open to everyone sections. One thing the beaches in Camogli all have in common though is that they are very pebbly in nature – from coarse, gravel like sand to quite large pebbles. 

Starting from the east there are around 150 meters of beach extending from the private beach at Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi to the rocky spur on top of which rests the panoramic restaurant ‘La Rotonda’. 

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The beach here mainly consists of coarse sand and large pebbles and offers lovely views over the sparkling blue Bay. The section here is largely free but unequipped and is ideal if you want to bring your own beach umbrella while enjoying the sun and sea.

However, if you prefer taking the sun on a lounger, you can hire one from the nearby bar-restaurant 'La Rotonda'.

It is also here that you can enjoy some refreshments and food. The restaurant section is perched on top of the rocky spur and affords fantastics panoramic views over the Bay. Alternatively, you can sit and sip tasty cocktails on the bar deck at the bottom of restaurant while enjoying the bustle of the beach...

On the other side of the rocky spur of ‘La Rotonda’, the beach extends towards the central side of town along the Camogli' seafront promenade and ends at the church of Santa Maria Assunta. The beach here is also consisting mainly of large pebbles.

Here you will find alternating sections of free space for sunbathing followed by equipped sections where you can hire deck chairs, sun loungers and umbrellas.

There are a few places where you can hire canoe or small rowing boats to enjoy in the sea and Bagni Lido also offer swimming lessons.

There are lots of bars and restaurants along the town’s promenade which runs along the beach, so you will not be short of choice for refreshments and food. Several Bars have tables overlooking the beach so you can relax in the shade, and have your meal there while taking in the bustle of the beach and the views of the stunning blue sea.

Alternative Beaches in Camogli

If you are up for a little bit of an adventure, you can take the ferry service and head for a day at the beach in San Fruttuoso. The area here is part of the Marine Protected Area of Portofino and is incredibly beautiful.

You can enjoy two separate beaches which are rather on the small size but offer stunning surroundings and most amazing blue waters. The beaches here are also consisting of tiny pebbles and course sand. There is a service from where you can hire deck chairs and sun loungers to enjoy the sun in comfort.

The bigger of the two beaches is in front of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso. There is a caffee/restaurant to get refreshments and enjoy some food while on the beach which is tucked into the rocky promontory that separates the two beaches.

What's Your Favourite Beach?

The beaches in Liguria are so varied - each perfect in its own way, each with its own character that makes each of us to have a favourite. What's yours?

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Beaches in Camogli

Beaches in Camogli

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